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Dinevi Resort is a family resort. Almost half of our guests are children under 10 years of age.

For the benefit of the family atmosphere of the resort are the green areas where children play at leisure until late, and parents can watch from the balcony, quiet streets between the complexes, good evening lighting and 24 hour security throughout the territory.

If you have chosen a family holiday with us, then your choice is healthy and reasonable. St. Vlas is the only climate resort in Bulgaria and this is quickly felt by children. Here you can breathe more easily, your appetite improves, your nights are not suffocating and you have a good night’s sleep, the sea and the sand have a healing effect on the stinging of children for the winter.

The children’s playground on the beach in front of the Arena Arena is open 6 days a week (excluding Mondays) from 9.30am to 1.30pm for all children, free of charge. You will know the corner on the wide red flag with the white sign Animation, and our smiling red team animators will get to know you and your child before that. The children’s playground is open and not separated from the beach, so children are not left entirely to the care of the animators. The parent should be nearby, able to monitor their child and respond if needed. Corner activities alternate with quiet and creative activities with dynamic sand games, sports, music gymnastics, even those involving parents for guaranteed fun. Each week there is a theme day where kids have fun on teams such as Olympic Day, Searchers, Harry Potter.

Children’s discotheques are invited to all children within three days of the week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) from 8 pm at the Arena Amphitheater, entrance free for guests in the apartments of Dinevi Resort.
The musical part is 60 minutes long and the songs are in several languages ​​according to the prevailing nationalities of the children. With the greatest readiness our young guests dance our club dance
In some days the disco is replaced by other entertainment – foam party, zumba party, theater of laughter. ‘Talent Evening’ is a performance that is presented by the children themselves – with or without prior preparation everyone is invited in front of the microphone to express their talent.