Admiral Restaurant

The restaurant offers a menu with the best of Mediterranean and Bulgarian cuisine, in all their varieties. Performances of classical music from the piano and violin add to the pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurant Gloria Mar

As part of the already established chain, "Gloria Mar" offers an exciting gourmet journey into the world of Mediterranean and European cuisine, without leaving the cozy atmosphere of the terrace of "Marina Dinevi".

Royal Grill Restaurant

"Royal Grill" is an Argentinian restaurant with expertly prepared grilled dishes - high quality Argentinian, Spanish and Brazilian meats, beef steaks, salads and pasta, accompanied by an appropriate selection of wines.

Marmalade Restaurant

"Marmalade" offers a nice mix of fresh salads, pizzas, small but surprisingly tasty meat dishes and grill. The local landmark is the long window display of tempting cakes, sumptuous melba and homemade ice creams made on site.

Marionette Restaurant

Conveniently located around the outdoor pool of "Palas-Marina Dinevi", the restaurant is like a cozy summer garden with colorful seating areas and olive trees, and in the evening, garlands of colorful lights cross over the heads of guests.

Poseidon Restaurant

"Poseidon" is the Greek restaurant of "Marina Dinevi". This family restaurant offers always fresh fish, seafood, caviar and amazing homemade desserts, all prepared in the Greek way and served to the background of Greek music.

Harem Marina Restaurant

"Harem Marina" is the only shisha & dinner restaurant of "Marina Dinevi", part of the Sofia chain "Harem", known as the paradise of hookahs in our country. It is located on the second floor of the Marina, with a view of the sea and the colorful horizon of the bay.

Restaurant Il Siciliano

The interesting establishment of "Marina Dinevi", which you will recognize immediately - it looks like a white ship from all sides. Il Siciliano is both a daytime beach club with a party atmosphere and an evening chill restaurant with an Italian menu.

Restaurant Istanbul

The restaurant offers the authentic taste of Turkish cuisine, the generosity of oriental spices and hospitality to every guest. The Turkish chef presents a menu with Iskender, kebabs, entrecote, spicy snacks and warm pide breads.

Aeraki Restaurant

With a feeling of Greece, thanks to the interior, the delicious Greek cuisine, the cold ouzo and of course, the Greek music. The sound of the waves further adds to the pleasant feeling.

Soul Beach

A beach party during the day with a DJ, a casual meeting with friends in the evening for a delicious meal or a relaxing hookah - the place is "Soul Beach". The style is relaxing and the view is directly to the sea.

Bar La Playa

"La Playa" or "the seahorse bar" welcomes you right at the entrance to the beach and it is immediately clear that much of the excitement of summer in St. Vlas is happening right here! Perfect setting for perfect cocktails.

Planet Yacht

The club is the mainstay of nightlife in Saint Vlas. DJ parties, a variety program, themed evenings, a perfect music selection and exclusive staging complement the pleasure of classy drinks and a wonderful view.

Noti Piano Bar

In "Noti", indeed, you will see notes and texts on the piano, because here the music is live, presented by the club's band or visiting famous performers from the Bulgarian show business.

Fly Arena

"Fly Arena" is an indoor nightclub with pop-folk music. It is located on the underground floor in the "Arena" complex next to the amphitheater. Advertising at the entrance invites guests on a musical adventure until the wee hours of the morning.

Monastery Restaurant

Restaurant "Manastira" offers a large selection of traditional Bulgarian cuisine in combination with carrot alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a special collection of white and red wines.

Diamond Restaurant

A stylish setting, complemented by cheerful flower gardens, combined with a wonderful sea view. A diverse author's menu, perfect service and delicious food, these are the things that make it worth coming back again and again.

Bistro Breeze

Homemade feasts and tables around the pool, cozy booths and a sense of calm. This is Breeze Bistro. Always fresh vegetables and a delicious grill are the advantages that make it a preferred place for dinner.

Etara Restaurant 1

A small and cozy fish restaurant with delicious soup and a varied menu. The friendly hosts will welcome you with a smile and make sure your stay is more than pleasant.

Diamond Restaurant

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine served under the beautiful wooden shed, near a real water mill. What more could one want. Folk music further raises the mood levels.

Bistro Breeze

If you want something atypical for the area, you can visit the "Brigantina" restaurant, in the "Dolce Vita 1" complex. The view around the pool is amazing, but the Kazakh cuisine is what really makes it worth visiting.

Riviera Restaurant

Located in the complex of the same name, with tables nestled among greenery and flowering bushes, with a view of the horizon and Old Nessebar. This is the place to relax on a hot day or enjoy the coolness in the evening.

Olymp Restaurant

Although further from the Marina, this traditional Bulgarian restaurant with delicious cuisine and authentic interior is worth a visit. It is located in the "Olympus" complex by the pool and is a great place for a delicious dinner with friends.

Restaurant Lazur

Located around the pool of the white and cozy "Lazur" complex, this small and welcoming restaurant welcomes every guest like a good friend. The simple and selected menu can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.