Medical assistance 24/6 without Sunday is provided by the Medical Center of Dr.Polina Krasenova, which is located above the amphitheater in the Arena complex. The center has an ambulance, a laboratory and 6 specialized offices, including a pediatrician. The more serious cases are transported to the hospital “Life Hospital” or to the University Hospital ‘”Virgin Mary”‘ in Burgas. Telephone to the center in St. Vlas: +359 988 811 117

Our healthy advice to our parents is to protect their children from full sun/heat / seawater during the first 2-3 adaptive days by the sea. It turns out that children come from the colder climate unaccustomed to the sun, happily spend all day in the sea and under the hot sun. On the second or third day there are signs of sunburn and overheating, fever, stomach upset, etc.

Medical Center of Dr.Polina Krasenova serves all travel insurance for organized guests. It is important to know that, as a rule, they have low limits and do not cover some emergencies such as appendicitis.

We encourage our guests, especially our individual guests and those with a longer stay in St. Vlas, to make new health insurance for all or some family members, so that they will be safe and secure during their holiday with us.  You can book insurance online through this site or at our main reception desk at the Diamond Resort.