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Winter 2020-2021 / COVID-19

After the removal of the restrictions for tourism related to the coronavirus, we want to offer you a different but unforgettable vacation. For your peace of mind we observe all measures and standards of hygiene, both in common areas and in the apartments. We pay special attention to the treatment of all contact points and surfaces with effective disinfectants. When cleaning the rooms, before and after the arrival of the guests we also perform a thorough disinfection. We hope to work together to provide you with a peaceful, pleasant and invigorating holiday.

  • I like exactly St. Vlas, everything is nearby and convenient. The climate and the sea, the healing air, the combination of sea and mountains. In St. Vlas there is everything you need, shops, pharmacies, easily accessible and close, everywhere people are friendly. Quiet place and relax with children is very nice. The first time we arrived in Vodenitsa by chance, we chose the complex according to the photos on the Internet, we liked it because of the location, the apartments have everything you need. Every year we return here as at home.

  • We have been vacationing at Dinevi Resort for four years now. It is very convenient for us here, mostly because there are excellent conditions for children. Children's animation, children's pools, and mainly because of the sea. Children are never bored. There are many children and this creates the atmosphere of a children's camp, they are together all day, visiting each other. Adults are also not bored, nightclubs, restaurants are always open. We really like the fact that something new appears every year. It is clear that the people here are trying to develop their resort. It will be even better if a new playground is built in place of the existing one. We plan to buy an apartment right in Dinevi Resort.

  • Thank you for the good attitude and the excellent conditions you provide us! We spent 10 unforgettable days in the complex "Monastery 1". We celebrated the 7th birthday of our eldest son Ivan and introduced our newborn baby to the sea! We took the children healthy and brought them back to Sofia hardened